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Hotel Salak Song


ity of rain, that is the most common name of Bogor , which has average rainfall of about 3500 mm/year. Bogor has unique and long history with its Botanical Garden, Bogor Presidential Palace and also Hotel Salak The Heritage. Hotel Salak The Heritage is the oldest site remained that records and witnesses the history of Bogor , from the Dutch and Japanese Colonialism, Independence Period, Old Order, New Order, Reformation era to the period of Indonesia Baru in the Millennium III. Various important events were held in Bogor, such as Pre-Asia Africa Conference in 1955 at Istana Bogor, APEC in 1994, and many other international events. Istana Bogor has been used as one of official venues of presidential event.

At a glance, Hotel Salak The Heritage looks like a new building and does not reflect its mature age, since it has been renovated in order to fulfil the community´s need for quality.

Hotel Salak The Heritage is the only heritage hotel situated in front of Bogor Presidential Palace next to the City Hall, at Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 8 Bogor. It was built on the area of 8,227 m2. Hotel Salak The Heritage consists of four main sections. First is the front section, The Heritage Building, which has 2 floors. The second and third sections are the left and right wings, which have 2 and 4 floors, respectively. The fourth section is the back section with 5 floors, equipped with one service lift and two guest lifts.

During the Dutch era in 17th Century, Bogor was called Buitenzorg, meaning "city for rest" or "city without formality"(Buiten Alle Zorgen as the Dutch said). In 1908 Bogor was the center of government and official residential place of the Governor General. Bogor Palace was used by The Governor General as a place to rest. With its cool climate and beautiful scenery, Bogor has also become the center for research on tropical plants and plantation located in Sukabumi, Cianjur and Bogor.

According to the history, Hotel Salak The Heritage was built in 1856 named Bellevue - Dibbets Hotel; it distinguished itself as a hotel for the elite group and palace courtiers. The hotel belonged to a Dutch who still had a family connection to the Governor-General of Dutch East Indies. It was functioned as a place to rest and stay, and as a meeting place for agricultural businessmen and administrators and the government staff.

During the Japanese Era of 1942 – 1945, Hotel Salak The Heritage which had 54 rooms became the headquarter of Kempeitai (Military Police). In 1948 after Indonesia independent day the hotel name was changed to Hotel Salak corresponding to its location at the foot of Salak Mountain (Gunung Salak).

With the rapid growth of Bogor as a city of convention, meeting, seminars, tourism, education and research on tropical plantation, Bogor becomes a potential attraction for both domestic and international visitors. Each year, the number of visitors and government guests who hold conferences increases; therefore, Bogor requires appropriate international infrastructures. To accommodate all the requirements, Hotel Salak was renovated and redeveloped.

On 2 September 1991 , In order to establish itself as a star hotel, Hotel Salak suspended temporarily the operations. The development was started after a license from the government stated by the Decision Letter from the Governor of West Java No. 193/8550/Binsar dated 19 July 1991 and the Decision Letter from the Minister of Internal Affair Republic of Indonesia dated 27 January 1992 No. 539.32/359/PUOD were issued to PT Anugrah Jaya Agung to develop and operate Hotel Salak Bogor.

According to a survey, the preferred initial type for the hotel was Tourism and Business Hotel with the international standard. The old historical and colonial architectural building was maintained as an historical landmark for Bogor, and was planned to be a Boutique Hotel for Special Tourism purpose, because of its well preserved historical buildings remained in Bogor. The back section of the hotel was developed into Business and University Hotel. After the renovation and expansion of the new building at year 2000, the total room number is increased into 120, that consisting of Colonial Presidential Suite, Colonial Super Executive, Colonial Executive Heritage, Salak View, Deluxe Suite, Deluxe and Superior Rooms.

Hotel Salak has been one of the invaluable assets for people in West Java, particularly Bogor community, for its high long historical value and is located at the gate of West Java (approximately 30 minutes from Jakarta via toll roads) and surrounded the government buildings (City Hall, Residency, Attorney, Tax Office).

On 11 September 1998 , the Hotel Salak named was changed to Hotel Salak The Heritage which has international standard. The hotel was gradually re-opened, started by providing 32 rooms consisting of 2 Colonial Presidential Suites Rooms, 4 Colonial Super Executive Rooms, 8 Colonial Executive Heritage Rooms, and 18 Superior Rooms. The other supporting facilities available were Kanari Cafe, Rafflesia Lounge, Istana Ballroom, Galuh Meeting Room and Shopping Arcade (ie. Business Center , Gift and Art Shop, Boutique, Florist and Drug Store).

The Development and operation of Hotel Salak The Heritage occurred simultaneously with a massive monetary crisis in Indonesia . There was an inflation of the US $ exchange rate, from Rp. 2.300 per US$ to Rp. 17.000 per US$ at the end of 1997 and beginning of 1998. However, the crisis did not influence the hotel management to keep developing and maintaining the existence of Hotel Salak The Heritage.

On 1 April 1999 , additional of 40 rooms were opened, from 32 to 72 rooms, along with the growth of businesses activities in Bogor. Additional facilities added in 1999 were Kinanti Music Cafe with the capacity of 300 seats, Rudy Salon, Batutulis Meeting Room, Burangrang Meeting Room and Restaurant.

By the end of February 2000, Hotel Salak The Heritage added 24 more rooms, so that the total room number was increasing to 96.

Anticipating the high customers demand and market development in mid 2000, Hotel Salak The Heritage has added some more rooms to make total number of 120 rooms as planned.

Hotel Salak achievement in creating its image as the center for conference is proven by the increasing demand for training, seminar, meeting and conference arrangement at the hotel. Management then decided to build 4 more meeting rooms: named Pakuan, Padjadjaran 1, Padjadjaran 2, and Padjadjaran 3. Pakuan Meeting Room with the capacity of 70 persons was completed in March 2001. In June 2003, we finished the other three meeting rooms with the capacity of 40 – 100 persons per room.

In order to make our guests more comfortable, we also made further addition of new facilities. They are Raffles Fitness Center, Kinanti Kids Club, and Kinanti Music Room as music cafe; all which was opened in June 2000.

Ayam Goreng Fatmawati, a Sundanese traditional restaurant was opened in 2001. The restaurant strengthens the existing Food and Beverage products and services to be more attractive and interesting in addition to the standard products. A lot of guests from Jakarta as Hotel Salak major customers are very interested to have Sundanese menu during their visit to Bogor. The Sundanese menu is one of the favorite menus served by restaurants in Bogor and its surrounding.

Hotel Salak The Heritage keeps on innovating and developing its facilities by opening a new cafe called Den Haaq Cafe in December 2003. Den Haaq Cafe was opened to serve our guests who are looking for Dutch original cakes and pastries.

In the beginning of year 2005 we developed some new other facilities for our guests. The first was Smart Kids Planet development, a kids club and playgroup for children. The second was Herbal Information Center, where guests can have free consultation about their health problems and medication utilizing some alternative medicines. Rudy Salon was then replaced by Bellevue Wellness Salon and Spa, where our lady guests could rejuvenate their body and soul through spa, hair and beauty treatment. Besides Bellevue Wellness Salon and Spa, we also provide Bellevue Barbershop for the gentlemen.

Our guests who are having wedding reception or company gathering will feel more spacious and convenient because of the new pre – function room constructed in front of the Istana Ballroom. Rafflesia Lounge was also expanded its space and redecorated its style to be a cozier place. The Raflesia Lounge new design is more convenient for lobbying, relaxing or surfing the internet through Hot Spot. The last facility added is a children playground and its equipment located in the Inner Garden.

Bogor citizen proud to preserve Hotel Salak building because it is one of the oldest and the biggest historical buildings in Bogor. The building could inspire historical values of the Bogor city in the Indonesian history.

Hotel Salak The Heritage, as a historical building, should be able to compete with new building hotels. The hotel has to be supported by capable management, professional human resources, satisfactory services and appropriate facilities.

In order to make Hotel Salak The Heritage more attractive to the national and international societies, we also cooperated with some national and international foundations. One of the foundations supporting Hotel Salak The Heritage is the Bogor Heritage Foundation, which was established in 2003. The main mission of the foundation is to develop and improve some of the city´s aspects such as social, economic, culture, and technology. One of its programs is to preserve historical buildings in Bogor and its surrounding.

Hotel Salak The Heritage currently becomes the best hotel choice in Bogor for international guests. Dutch can feel memorable heritage atmosphere and hospitality of the past. The old Building of Hotel Salak The Heritage was developed without any significant changes to preserve its historical values.

Hotel Salak The Heritage has always been respecting international norms and values in providing services to local and international guests.