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Hotel Salak Song




Bakery and Pastry

  1. Den Haag Delicatessen, Jl. Ir. H Djuanda No.8 telp 0251-8373111
  2. Klappertaart Huize Jl.Pangrango no.25 Bogor telp 0251-4787000
  3. Apple Pie – Jl. Pangrango No.10
  4. Bread Talk – Botani Square, Jl. Pajajaran Raya
  5. Jco. – Botani Square, Jl. Pajajaran Raya
  6. Golden France – Jl. Pajajaran
  7. Holland bakery – Jl. Pajajaran
  8. Michelle – Jl. Raya Pajajaran No. 14 Bogor 16143
  9. Venus bakery (Roti Unyil) – Jl. Pajajaran Komp. V Point No.1
  10. Tan Ek Choan – Jl. Siliwangi No 176, Bogor, Indonesia 16134
  11. Jawara bakery – Jl. Surya Kencana
  12. Dunkin Donut – Jl. Jend. Sudirman
  13. Bogor Permai – Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 23 A


  1. Kanari Café, Hotel Salak The Heritage, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No.8 Bogor
  2. Rafflesia Lounge, Hotel Salak The Heritage, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No.8 Bogor
  3. Den Haag Delicatessen, Hotel Salak The Heritage, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No.8 Bogor
  4. Ayam Goreng Fatmawati Restaurant, Hotel Salak The Heritage, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No.8 Bogor
  5. Gumati Café – Jl. Paledang No.26 & 28 Bogor 16122
  6. Café de Daunan – Jl. Ir. H. juanda No.13 Kebun Raya Bogor 16122
  7. Dapoer Geulis Resto & Strudle – Jl. Lodaya
  8. Macaroni Panggang – Jl. Salak No.24
  9. The Colonial – Jl. Salak
  10. Hanamasa – Jl. Pajajaran No.25
  11. Gurih 7 – Jl. Pajajaran No.102 Bantarjati
  12. StarBucks – Botani Square, Jl. Pajajaran
  13. Hoka-Hoka Bento – Jl. Raya Pajajaran No.25
  14. Mc. Donald – Jl. Pajajaran
  15. KFC – Jl. Pajajaran
  16. Pizza Hut – Jl. Pajajaran
  17. Sari Wangi – Jl. Pajajaran
  18. Bakul-Bakul – Jl. Pakuan No.14
  19. De’ Leuit – Jl. Pajajaran No.69
  20. Mangiare Cafe – Jl. Pakuan
  21. Saung Kuring – Jl. Soleh Iskandar

Traditional Food

  1. Asinan Bogor Gedung Dalam – Jl. Siliwangi No.27C
  2. Laksa – Gg. Aut
  3. NgoHiang – Jl. Surya Kencana
  4. Toge Goreng – Pasar Bogor
  5. Es Pala & Mangga – Jl. Surya Kencana
  6. Soto Bogor – Jl. Surya Kencana


Factory Outlet

  1. Donatello – Jl.Gn.Gede No.10 Bogor 16151
  2. Fame ’n Famous – Jl. Pajajaran
  3. B’Boss – Jl.Pajajaran
  4. Lumbung Padi – Jl. Pajajaran
  5. Brasco – Jl.Pajajaran
  6. Rumah Gaya – Jl. Pajajaran
  7. Living Room – Jl. Pandu Raya
  8. SKI Tas Katulampa – Jl. Bantar Kemang
  9. Terminal Tas – Jl. Raya Tajur Pakuan
  10. Blossom – Jl.Pajajaran No.19


Department Store

  1. Yogya Bogor Junction – Jl. Sudirman
  2. Bogor Trade Mall – Jl.Ir.H.Djuanda No.68
  3. Pusat Grosir Bogor (PGB) – Jl. Merdeka
  4. Jambu Dua Plaza – Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani No.2
  5. Yogya Plaza Bogor – Jl. Suryakencana
  6. ADA Swalayan – Jl. Pajajaran
  7. Giant Super Market – Jl. Pajajaran
  8. Botani Square – Jl. Pajajaran
  9. Ekalokasari Plaza – Jl. Pajajaran No.123
  10. Bogor Indah Plaza – Jl. KH Soleh Iskandar



Batu Tulis Inscription

The inscription was written using the "Kawi" letter (the old language of Java) by Surawisesa, the prince of Pajajaran Kingdom’s king. This inscription tells about the influence of king Surawisesa in 1533, it contains several lines of Indian style inscriptions, and two king-size footprints. The inscription is located on Batutulis street No.54, Bogor.


Bogor Palace
Known as Istana Bogor, this group of buildings is located on the northern side of Botanical Garden. The main building, Buitenzorg ("without a formality"), dated back in 1856 and was the official residence of the General Governor of the Dutch East Indies. After Indonesia’s Independence, it became a Presidential Palace most frequently visited by the first President Soekarno.


Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden of Bogor, 87 hectares of lawns, gardens, ponds, tree groves and avenues, is located in the center of Bogor beside Bogor Palace. It was founded by Prof. Dr. C.G.C Reinwardt, a German botanist working in Indonesia in the early 1800s. The garden is the oldest scientific institution in Bogor. Specimens of native plants have been collected not only from all over the Malay Archipelago but also from many other tropical regions.


Curug Cilember
Curug Cilember (Cilember waterfall) is located in Jogjogan Village, Cisarua, 20km from the center part of Bogor. It has natural & beautiful scenery.


Curug 1000
Curug 1000 (1000 waterfall), an amazing waterfall located in Salak Endah mountain area, has less than 100 m height.


Deer Conservation
This deer conservation is located in Buangjaya Village, in the crossroads of Cileungsi and Jonggol. There are many species of deer, like Axis deer, Java Deer (Timorensis) and Bawean Deer (Azis Kuhli).


Durian Warso farm
You can come to have a look into this 15 hectares of durian farm, which is located in Cihideung Village, Cipelang. Find and see many varieties of durian grow in this farm. There are about 800 durian trees and most of them are Durian Monthong variant.


Mekarsari Tour Garden
Mekarsari Tour Garden is located on Cileungsi – Jonggol street. The garden has thousands of fruit plants, especially from tropical areas. You can sight-seeing the garden by riding the "Kereta Gandeng" (small train), pick fruits, ride bicycle, do farming, gardening, camping, etc.


Pasir Mukti Tour Garden
Pasir Mukti Tour Garden offers many packages of agro tour. You can pick the fruits, fish, or see and learn how to plant orchids.


Pura Parahyangan
Pura Agung Jagatkartta Parahyangan is one of outstanding choices you may find in Bogor city, precisely in the region of Ciapus, sub district of Bogor. This temple was built in 1995 and inaugurated in 2005. In this Hindu temple, you will find beautiful scenery, like mountains, a beautiful expanse of rice and also to see the Hindu culture.


Safari Garden
Beyond Cisarua, there is Taman Safari, a safari park with zebras, elephants, lions, bears, etc. You finish your safari in a parking lot from which you can walk to a baby zoo, a huge play-ground and other attraction sites. There are also animal shows and a swimming pool.


Situ Gede
Situ Gede is located in Situ Gede Village, West Bogor. Situ Gede area is a rural place to visit. The Lake Water spread out wide with the background of a luxuriant forest, making this place very potential as a tour object.


Talaga Warna
Lake Warna is the tour object located in Cisarua. The color of the lake changes as nature changes. Myth tells that anyone who washes his/her face with this water will look young forever.


Tea Plantation and Factory
The Gunung Mas estate in Tugu covers the steep slopes on the right hand side of the road going up to the Puncak from Bogor. You can drink Gunung Mas tea and buy export quality mountain tea. You can also go for walk in the tea plantation and children can ride horses.


Village or Kampoeng Cinangneng
The village is located in the region of Ciampea, sub district of Bogor. Sort of attractive, healthy, and educational tourism programs are available in this village, family will have an amazing and extraordinary adventure such as planting and harvesting paddy, bathing the buffalo, playing angklung and other Sundanese musical instruments, making puppet from cassava leaves, and many more.



Museum PETA
Monument and museum of PETA were built on November 14th, 1993. Umar Wirahadikusumah, the Vice President of Indonesia, had an honor to put the first stone on this place. The museum was officially opened by H.M. Soeharto, the President of Indonesia, on December 18th, 1995.


Zoological Museum
The Zoological Museum on Juanda street No. 3 was founded in 1894 for the purpose of Indonesian fauna studies. This Institution, with a collection of about 300.000 specimens, has a representative display opened to public. There are dioramas showing animals from different environments as well as displays of insects, and the skeleton of a huge blue whale.



Ciomas Shoe Maker
You can find these shoe makers in Ciomas, about 3 km from Bogor . They do not only make shoes, but also slippers and bags. Many stores in Jakarta order shoes from this area.


Bogor Kreatif (recycle, souvenir, and dryflower)
"Bogor Kreatif" is a home industry, which is located in Jl. Ciwaringin, Bogor. It produces crafts, souvenirs and dry flowers from recycling materials. You will find some excellent products such as pencil cases, coasters, jewelry boxes, frames, bags etc.


Batik Tulis Tradisiku (cloth & batik clothing)
You can find batik crafts in "Batik Tulis Tradisiku", which is located in Jl. Neglasari – Cibuluh sub district of Bogor. Variant products are sold here, such as t-shirts, shirts and batik cloth.


Dewi Collection (batik dolls)
This unique doll is quite exotic, made from with Indonesian traditional cloth named batik. Developed by the owner, Mrs. Dewi, and her daughter, batik puppet craft has been sold in Indonesia and abroad to Japan and Singapore. You can visit the "Dewi Collection" home industry, which is located in Semplak, sub district of Bogor.


Goong Factory
Goong is a part of the gamelan, Sundanese musical instrument. The Goong Factory has been attracted tourists, either local or international. They can visit and observe the making of goong in Jl. Pancasan No. 17, Bogor.


Kujang Pajajaran (kujang weapon)
Kujang is a unique handmade knife from West Java. It made from iron and steel material. It looks like a dagger, machete, with a unique shape of the bulge at the base, serrated on one side in the middle and shape the curve at the edges. Kujang Pajajaran in Sindang Sari area, sub district of Bogor, is one of the home industry that makes kujang knife as souvenir for tourists.


Munti Keramik (Ceramics) – Jl.Guntur
Animal shaped containers made of high-heated ceramics and are crafed with torehan technique. Items are featured in creme and brown glazing. bringing its natural feel. Ceramics is a craft that much in demand both by lovers of ceramic art and society in general, ceramic crafts which give effect to the beauty of a room is an attraction that can be sold at competitive prices. Its own characteristics that exist in the form, color, and high product quality is a factor which ceramic products originating from the town of Bogor to be the target of ceramic art lovers throughout Indonesia even to foreign countries. You can find Ceramics on "Munti Keramik" located on Sempur sub district of Bogor.


Sanggar Tumaritis (golek puppet)
Golek Puppet craft are created and produced by the craftsmen in Bogor city. You can find Golek Puppet crafts on "Sanggar Tumaritis" located on Lebak Kantin sub district of Bogor.


Wayang bambu (bamboo puppets)
Raw materials for making the puppets bamboo are from bamboo trees. Besides the main ingredient of bamboo, bamboo puppet-making is also using patchwork motif, glue, fabric, rope and mute as a sweetener. You can find bamboo puppets crafts on "Wayang Bambu" located on Kampung Baru sub district of Bogor.



Bogor Hotel Institute
Indonesian Tourism Industry has become one of leading sector as foreign exchange reserve. Due to fast growing and diversity of tourism industry, it needs to be managed professionally. In order to respond the challenges, Bogor Hotel Institute (BHI) has developed academic modules to exert its student’s skill with emphasis in communication skill, business etiquette, and profession knowledge in tourism and hotel management.


Bogor Agriculture Institute
IPB is a leading higher learning institution of international quality in the development of science, technology, art and human resources with tropical agriculture as its core competence.